Personal loan

Personal loans are a common type of financial assistance provided by banks. Loans are usually used for personal purposes. Usually the personal purpose of choosing this kind of loan includes debt repayment, home renovation, family vacation, expensive medical expenses, children’s education, second-hand car/new car purchase, down payment (such as buying or renting a house, apartment or HDB), wedding expenses and other emergency use.

Main features of personal loans

i) No collateral required
Unlike other types of loans, you do not need to use your house, shares or any other form of assets as collateral.

ii) It can be used in many different ways
Once approved, the bank will not monitor how you use the loan. This means you can spend money freely without any restrictions.

iii) It requires minimal documentation
When you apply for a personal loan, you don’t have to worry about preparing a lot of documents.

If you are a salaried employee, you only need to prepare a copy of MyKad, the latest 3-month payroll, the latest EPF statement or the latest EA form. For those who are self-employed, you need to provide bank statements and/or the latest Form B for the last 6 months.

iv) Fast approval
If you are eligible for a personal loan, we will deposit the money into your savings account within 48 hours.

v) Competitive interest rate
You can compare the best interest rates offered by banks or financial institutions.

vi) Flexible monthly repayment/low repayment
If you don’t want to burden yourself too much with your borrowings, you can talk to your bank to extend the repayment period for several months to an annual repayment.

In Conclusion

If your personal loan application is rejected or not approved by the bank, please do not give up. Fortunately, as a licensed private loan institution, we can solve your turnover problem. Unlike commercial banks, you don’t have to worry about the need to prepare a large number of documents, because we have very few requirements. Most importantly, if you need urgent cash, our loan approval is quick and easy. So, please don’t hesitate to call us now for more details.

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