Pawn loan

Our company provide various types of loans to our customers. Includes loans as a pawn. If the customer’s valuables, such as brand-name watches, such as Rolex, smart phones, iPhone, jewelry, rings and diamonds, gold or designer bags,LV, the loans granted are higher and the given period is longer.

Pawn loan process

You only need to contact our service staff by phone or email, including taking photos of the items andOn-site evaluation, both parties agreeLeased goods,sign the pawn contractand, give loans.

Advantage pawn loan

  • Simple process–It involves only photos of valuables that be taken, and the number of loans that can be approved, which can be determined immediately. You just need to decide where to meet, hand over valuables, and approve the cash loan.

  • Fast approval–Because pawn loan is a type of mortgage loan, loan approval is instant. Without checking the customer’s personal data.

  • High loan amount–It depends on the value of precious things. Of course, the loan amount is higher than an unsecured loan.

  • Flexible conditions–Customers can exchange precious items as the amount to complete the loan. Therefore, the loan term is dependent on the customer’s ability to repay the loan as soon as possible.